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Joint-meeting of NVG and Zoology 27th-29th of November in Groningen

We are pleased to announce that for our 27th annual meeting we will team up with the KNDV (Dutch Royal Society of Zoologists) and BZS (Royal Belgian Zoological Society). The PhD meeting will be the 27th of November 2019.

We are currently finalizing the details, including the organization of the scientific and social programs, as well as the lodging. In short, we stick to our own program for the Wednesday (PhD workshop followed by dinner and the evening lecture) as well as Thursday morning.

The joint meeting starts Thursday noon, with the Baerends lecture. On Thursday afternoon and on Friday we will have 3 parallel sessions. At any time, one parallel session will be fully dedicated to behaviour. On Thursday evening, the KNDV has planned a public lecture by Richard Morris (from the famous Morris-maze), and for Friday there will be 2 keynote lectures organized by the KNDV. Since it will be a joint meeting, all Zoology events will be open to NVG participants, and vice versa.

For more information on this special meeting see the 2019 meeting page or  https://zoology2019.com/


Nieuwe versie Handreiking ‘dierproeven’ met wilde dieren

Er is een nieuwe versie van de handreiking ‘dierproeven met wilde dieren in hun biotoop’ opgesteld. Een eerdere versie is vorig jaar gepubliceerd. Deze nieuwe versie beschrijft de kaders voor dierproeven met wilde dieren in hun biotoop, welke beslismomenten een rol spelen en hoe de wettelijke kaders ingevuld dienen te worden. En is aangeveuld met de specifieke aandachtsvelden.

Click HERE for the link to the ‘handreiking’ website from the CCD and the link to the document.

Course on “Observing Primate Behaviour” – University of Utrecht

We would like to draw your attention to the following 2-week full time Summerschool in Juli 2019 lead by Prof. Dr. E.H.M. Sterck.
See attached flyer for more information or go to www.utrechtsummerschool.nl

NVG 25th anniversary booklet on Behavioural Biology in The Netherlands

For our 25th anniversary Monica Wesseling wrote ‘Hoe slaap je slim maakt en apen elkaar bedriegen’.
This is a small booklet with a compilation of appealing stories of studies on Behaviour conducted in the Netherlands.
You can download this booklet as a PDF HERE (2.5MB).

Book review: Animal Behaviour: A very short introduction – Tristram D. Wyatt

Yoran Gerritsma (University of Groningen) and Jeroen Alkema (Wageningen University) have written a review about the book that was written by Tristram Wyatt, one of the invited speakers of our 25th meeting.

Tristram D. Wyatt (2017) “Animal Behaviour: A Very Short Introduction”, Oxford University Press ISBN: 9780198712152

For the review click HERE

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