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NVG 2021 will be organised at Egmond aan Zee from 24-26th of November

Our annual NVG meeting will be hosted at Egmond aan Zee, starting Wednesday evening the 24th of November and finishing Friday afternoon on the 26th of November. Keynote speakers include Prof. Steve Nowicki and Dr. Miriam Knörnschild. More details follow soon. 

PhD and MSc workshop Wednesday 24th of November

The PhD and MSc workshop will be organised prior to our annual meeting and will take place in Egmond aan Zee. More details follow soon.

ECBB 2022 in Groningen

The European Conference for Behavioural Biology will be organised in Groningen from 21 – 24th of Juli 2022. More information will follow soon. 

EFP-GfP 2021 Online Seminar Series

The European Primatologist will organise 4 online seminars, every Wednesday afternoon of February 2021 hosting 3 talks (per week) of promising young European primatologists. For more information see here

NVG 2020 online

Our annual NVG meeting was hosted online during the afternoon of Thursday the 26th of November. We had two plenary speakers, Lars Chittka, from the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London, UK & Barbara Caspers, from Bielefeld University, Department of Animal Behaviour, Bielefeld, Germany. For the full program see here.

PhD & MSc workshop Wednesday 25th of November 2020

Our annual NVG workshop was organised by Dr. Christian Tudorache and brought PhD students from our society together to discuss their scientific and personal progress. For this year’s meeting we  recruited a talented early career scientist from Oslo, Norway, namely Dr. Ida Betides Johansen, who talked about her work on stress physiology and exchanged experiences with the participants. For further details see here


BCB-NL organized their start event on November 4th 2020

The recently founded platform “Brain Cognition and Behaviour – The Netherlands” (BCB-NL) hosted its first event. BCB-NL is an alliance between the Dutch associations and networks for research into brain, cognition and behavior, including the NVG. BCB-NL’s vision is to foster interdisciplinary research, knowledge exchange and collaboration to support science and society.


First Dobberke lecture at NVG2019 by Jolle Jolles

Eerste Dobberke Lecture tijdens jaarlijks congres van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Gedragsbiologie door Jolle Jolles

The role of individual heterogeneity in the collective behaviour of animal groups, door Jolle Jolles (MPIO Konstanz) gehouden op 27 november 2019, tijdens de Zoology/NVG 2019 meeting, te Groningen.

For detailed report see here. Voor een gedetailleerd rapport zie hier


Very first joint-meeting of NVG and Zoology 

Our very first joint-meeting with the KNDV (Dutch Royal Society of Zoologists) and BZS (Royal Belgian Zoological Society) was with ±170 participants well attended. The meeting kicked-off on Wednesday evening in the Academie building with the very first Dobberke lecture by Jolle Jolles.  The next morning we continued with a dedicated NVG slot, followed by the Baerendz lecture from Susanne Åkesson. A detailed report will follow in the next newsletter (here).

For more information on this special meeting see the 2019 meeting page or  https://zoology2019.com/


Nieuwe versie Handreiking ‘dierproeven’ met wilde dieren

Er is een nieuwe versie van de handreiking ‘dierproeven met wilde dieren in hun biotoop’ opgesteld. Een eerdere versie is vorig jaar gepubliceerd. Deze nieuwe versie beschrijft de kaders voor dierproeven met wilde dieren in hun biotoop, welke beslismomenten een rol spelen en hoe de wettelijke kaders ingevuld dienen te worden. En is aangeveuld met de specifieke aandachtsvelden.

Click HERE for the link to the ‘handreiking’ website from the CCD and the link to the document.


NVG 25th anniversary booklet on Behavioural Biology in The Netherlands

For our 25th anniversary Monica Wesseling wrote ‘Hoe slaap je slim maakt en apen elkaar bedriegen’.
This is a small booklet with a compilation of appealing stories of studies on Behaviour conducted in the Netherlands.
You can download this booklet as a PDF HERE (2.5MB).


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